Why couples give up 2.5 years after the wedding

A survey of 5,000 married couples revealed that men and women are no longer concerned about their relationship 2.5 years after the wedding . Already after the second anniversary , the first signs of lack of attention become visible:
  • Happy couple after the wedding
  • 54% of women say they no longer wear make-up.
  • 61% of women take off their smart business clothes at home, and exchange them for pajamas or casual sportswear.
  • 70% of men admit that they feel so safe and comfortable in the relationship that they leave their dirty laundry in the house.
  • 75% of couples would not give up control of the remote, even though their partner asks them to .
  • 79% of respondents see no reason to fold down the toilet lid after their condo.

Ridiculous little things?

No, unfortunately not. Because they show that the efforts are being made that are made around the opposite sex. And very fast. At the beginning of the relationship, the partners are still cleaning themselves, taking care, listening to each other, eating together, going to the cinema and spending time together. Then comes the habit phase. Man and woman feel safe and take less and less consideration each other.

The interviewed couples were married for more than 10 years. After only three years had 83% (!) Of respondents no longer interested in it to celebrate their anniversary. More than half of the 5,000 couples surveyed said they felt undervalued in the partnership .

What happened?

At the beginning of the relationship - during the first months -
  • 83% of couples still held hands when they ran out. After 10 years, only 38% of couples do so.
  • touch and cuddle couples more than 8 times a day. After 10 years, this is the case only 5 times a day.
  • Pet names (darling, sweetheart, etc.) are used. After 10 years, it's the first name find the application.
  • 60% said their partner did not surprise them with a romantic evening out since their wedding!

Do you recognize yourself? If so, what can you do so that everyday life does not kill the relationship?

Here are some easy to use tips:

  • Surprise your partner with a gift of your choice. Buy flowers (without a reason), bring along a little something only he / she likes.
  • Plan a surprise for him / her: Go dancing, going to the movies or in the restaurant
  • Find the conversation: Talk about their needs in the relationship.
  • Obtain communication tools in good time and set up relationship-related measures.
  • Play an interactive communication game for couples with each other. More can be found here .
  • Small attentions in everyday life: Clean up after yourself. Remember something that has disturbed your partner especially and they do it.
  • Turn the relationship skewer around: Instead of blaming, compliment him / her .

I wish you every success in defeating everyday life and not the everyday life of your relationship!

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