How do I build a stable communication bridge in my relationship?

Communication is at the heart of every relationship, and a communication bridge is the skeleton on which communication builds. At the beginning of a relationship the communication runs smoothly. Every wish is read from the lips . With the days, weeks, months and years the first communication gaps appear. These may have always been there. Or they are caused by the fact that communication wears off. So what to do? As early as possible, it is necessary to build communication bridges .

What is a communication bridge?

Let us imagine a bridge. It has several pillars. Turned to the relationship, this means that a relationship is sustained, built and shaped by at least two people. As well as their communication, love, appreciation, attention and - most importantly - their time for each other . This refers to the time in which there is nothing except the relationship. There is no TV, no cell phone, no newspaper, no internet . There is "only" time in which we speak together. This is the starting point for the construction of a communication bridge.

Phase 1: Preparation for bridge construction

1. Prepare the space / location for your communications bridge: It is important that the classic sources of distraction, such as television, mobile phones or radio are turned off. Should you have children, there is a time to find where you can not be distracted by current needs and questions of children.

2. Speak to each other: Do not try to talk about everyday life, work or children at this time. But talk about what you have together for goals and desires . Find out where the common path should go. Talk about how you are.

Phase 2: Bridge Piers (= DU and ER / YOU) are established

3. Express your needs: Tell your partner about your personal dreams. Talk about where you need free space. Where you feel strong and where you do not feel

Phase 3: Bridge is built on / over bridge piers

4. Active Listening: Now it's time to get down to business. The royal art of bridge building is active listening and decoding. Your partner is starting to build the bridge. He / she actively listens and repeats what he / she has heard.

5. Decrypt: Questioning terms that are not clear to you. Give your partner an opportunity to explain what exactly is meant. Decipher the relationship terms. Explain how and where your partner can help you.

This creates the communication bridge in your relationship. An exchange can take place on this bridge. Along this bridge you can talk about all relational topics.

Phase 4: Regular bridge service (= relationship maintenance)

Now stands the communication bridge. Regular maintenance is required by spending 2 and more times with your sweetheart. That's your time
  • with each other (eg without children) have fun
  • experienced a relationship journey
  • talk about current needs, goals and desires.
Have fun with bridge construction and bridge service. You are welcome to tell me your personal bridge story. I'm interested to hear what are the most important parts / components of the bridge, er relationship.

A thought on " How do I build a stable communication bridge in my relationship? "

The jealousy fighter says:
A very important aspect, which unfortunately goes down too often.
Communication is everything in our lives and the tip to turn off all technical devices and distractions I find extremely important!
Many Greetings!

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