Career Seminars: What to look out for

If you want to promote your career advancement, you attend career seminars, right ? It starts with the term career: What is a career? Depending on the goals and expectations, this can be very different. The same applies to career seminars. From counseling for career starters to coaching and continuing education , pretty much everything is to be understood. Accordingly large is the selection for interested parties. We will give you an overview of what to look for when looking for a career seminar ...

Career Seminars: What to look out for

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Career Seminars Definition: What is it?
Career Seminars Target Audience: Who are they addressing?
Career seminar Topics: Job application training or further education?
Career seminars Quality criteria: Which format is right for you?
Career seminars: unserious or reputable provider?
Cost of Career Seminars: What's in store for you?
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Career Seminars Definition: What is it?
Career Seminars Definition Career Success Career AdvancementEvery university graduate knows that a seminar is originally termed a seminar at the university or at the university. It is about the scientific deepening of a topic within a small group of students.

This possibility exists until today. However, the term seminar is meanwhile interpreted much further and can also be found in adult education. These seminars are a mixture of theory and knowledge transfer with practical examples and the active involvement of the participants.

In contrast to courses, seminars are usually a one-off, multi-day event and are characterized by the following features:

fixed period
fixed price
fixed number of participants
The specific feature of Career Seminars is that they are thematically about the most important aspects of the career . Depending on where the focus is, the addressees change.

The advantage of these career seminars lies in the fact that they are much more memorable with this format than if the participants were given just a handout or would take notes as in a lecture.

Typical contents of career seminars deal with:

employee motivation
career planning
Customer relationships
quality management
Soft skills
sales training

Career Seminars Target Audience: Who are they addressing?
You do not know how to write an application? Are you still thinking about what you want to study? Or are you thinking about a second career as a self-employed person?

Since the range of topics is very diverse, the target group can not be clearly defined . There are career seminars aimed specifically at women, others are particularly interesting for young professionals, others are aimed at workers in general who want to gain knowledge in a particular area.

In this case, it is not entirely uninteresting who offers the career seminar : There are, for example, various financial service providers who choose career seminars in their company as a way of recruiting staff. The target group here are primarily students and graduates.

As expected, the topics here are mostly about money and finances , but not exclusively. For example, it may be about tax tips for students or what you need to consider in a salary negotiation .

Career seminar Topics: Job application training or further education?
Distinctly distinguished, the contents of the individual providers are not necessarily. Career seminars can really capture everything that is beneficial in one way or another in the broader sense of your career .

Some providers, for example , hold career training courses that are aimed at students, doctoral students, graduates and career entrants. Of course, personal success depends on a well-written job application .

However, someone who has been in business for years may not be as busy writing applications, but more focused on targeted acquisition of expertise . There are also career seminars that deal with questions about distance zones and courtesy and are aimed at executives and assistants.

Strictly speaking, application training, career counseling and career seminars are various events. On the other hand, the term "career seminar" is not protected, which means that you first of all have to clarify in advance what is important to you:

application training
This is about the concrete application, the formal structure and the individually fitting strategies, ie which channels should / should be expanded. This includes the know-how, such as digitizing your documents, knowing various file formats and their maximum size. In addition, the importance of one's own personality is worked out and the self-presentation is trained.

occupational guidance
Serves above all the professional orientation. Here you will find subject-specific information on different sectors, support in the choice of occupation and study. Students and apprentices, university graduates or employees who are planning a career change are addressed, depending on their orientation .

career seminars
Rather engage with the meta-level, focusing on the principles and principles that should guide every job search and career planning. Good career seminars are about making applicants aware of their resources and opportunities, and giving them the tools they need to tap into these issues themselves.

There are also events that run under the keyword Career Seminar, but in reality have the character of a further education . Anyone who completes his specialist studies by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in less than half a year, strictly speaking, takes part in a course.

Career seminars Quality criteria: Which format is right for you?
Of course, there are numerous formats of career seminars , the most common practice in the following three formats:

Short seminars lasting from two to four hours
Day seminars that last from morning to evening
Weekend seminars that span two or three days
These formats usually take place in groups of between 3 and 30 participants. Whether different professions meet or whether the seminar focuses exclusively on one industry depends on the objectives of the course .

This should also be one of the most important criteria for you as an applicant, since it depends decisively on how much benefit you can derive from the seminar.

The range of career seminars is almost infinite, since there are no requirements for minimum standards or the like. If you are interested in a particular topic, consider the following:

What is the objective of the seminar according to the announcement?
Does this fit with your goals ?
Which target group is the seminar aimed at? Are you one of them?
What experience does the organizer have with such seminars?
What are the success rates of this seminar?
What experience does the speaker bring with him from the recruiting and personnel area?
What is the preparation of the seminar , which tests are carried out?
Are reviews of former seminar participants available ?
Are your questions answered satisfactorily in advance ?
What is the duration and scope of the seminar ?
Can parts of the seminar documents be viewed in advance?
Important: Even the best career seminars will not meet all the criteria mentioned. Concentrate on the most important points for you and check which seminars meet your individual requirements.

Likewise, you should be able to clarify in advance through the search what the favored career seminars can and can not do. That's the only way you can realistically estimate which provider might make more unrealistic promises.

Career seminars: unserious or reputable provider?
As already mentioned, you should first ask for information about the provider and its speakers. Any alleged seal of approval on your own homepage is worthless unless it has been awarded by an umbrella organization or an organization that tests according to specific criteria.

Certainly you can safely participate in career seminars that are offered free of charge . These are offered for example by universities in cooperation with the Career Service .

Also often free are career seminars by financial service providers. Although their interest lies in the recruitment of new employees, the seminars are also a good opportunity to advertise their own products , because everyone needs insurance sooner or later.

However, newcomers should compare insurance and not equal to the first bid to strike. If you have that in mind, the three-hour events can be sensibly invested and give you a first overview.

Cost of Career Seminars: What's in store for you?
Incidentally, the costs of career seminars are not a criterion for whether a provider is reliable or not. There are expensive, four-digit cost-intensive career seminars that may not be related to your goal. The question is also whether apprentices should invest about 1,300 euros in their self-presentation together with Knigge ?

Anyone who has not been taking a jet jet through the nursery usually knows that a corresponding body language , welcome and an open, friendly manner are positively received by the other person .

Career Bible readers can already read many topics around personality development here for free. Just as practical tips on how to behave on the phone and how to prepare for discussions with the supervisor.

Those who are currently unemployed can often have career seminars, which are a form of coaching and serve a career orientation, paid for by the employment agency or job center.

However, the most important aspect is your personal goal that you pursue with the Career Seminar. A Career Seminar designed for career orientation will not help you if you want to advance your career planning.

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