Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro hands-on review

Huawei had already given us a first look at the Mate 20 Lite during Eva, well we got a glimpse of what the Mate 20 pro might look like and what features it might have and we're taking a first look at the Huawei mate 20 the mate 20 pro and the Huawei watch GT.
Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro

Here are the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro and you'll notice one strange thing mate 20 pro is actually the smaller one with the wider notch, but there are a few trade-offs here for starters:
The Pro’s got a 6.39 inch display with dual curves while the larger mate 20 non pro has a bigger 6.53 inch display with a smaller dewdrop notch as Huawei calls it.

The Pro has an AMOLED screen while the Mate 20 has an RGB W-LCD screen, of course the other main difference is that the P20 pro now has proper 3d facial recognition like the iPhones face ID complete with an IR camera and flood illuminator, unlike Apple though Huawei did keep the fingerprint scanner, but hid it under the display this is called Huawei's dynamic pressure sensor, it's quick and reliable but it does require a bit more pressure into the glass.

The scanner is right in the lower middle part of the screen and it will briefly flash when you bring your hand towards it otherwise lift the phone and the screen will light up telling you where to press meanwhile the non pro mate Tony has the smaller notch which only houses a camera, the normal sensors and a slotted earpiece.

On the right is the return of the red accented power key which I like more OEM should do this, meanwhile the SIM tray is now on the bottom and the USBC port is right next to it.

On top there's an IR blaster mostly seen on Chinese phones these days if you've noticed there's a different texture on the blue and green color options which Huawei calls hyper optical, it's got a vinyl record like texture for improved grip and it hides fingerprints a little better than the traditional color options with regular glass.

Speaking of glass the mate 20 and Mate 20 pro are compatible with 15 watt wireless charging and Huawei super charge gets an update 240 watt charging on the mate 20 Pro, Huawei claims it can charge 70% of the May 20 pros for to 200 milliamps our battery in half an hour that's ridiculously fast. The regular mate 20 uses the current generation Huawei supercharged for its four thousand milliamp hour battery.

One feature though that really blew my mind was reverse wireless charging this is a first you can use the phone to charge other Qi wireless devices by placing them right on top keep in mind though it might take a while before the power actually starts to flow.

Moving up the back of the phone is Huawei's new camera square Huawei arranged its triple camera like square to make the phone stand out among competitors it wants to square camera layout to be iconic to Huawei, so it's likely we'll see this on future Huawei phones.

This triple camera is made up of an 8 megapixel telephoto camera with F 2.4 aperture a main 40 mega pixel wide camera with a brighter F 1.8 aperture and a new ultra wide 20 megapixel camera, unlike the P20 pros triple camera while we did away with the monochrome sensor in favor of the new ultra wide camera, you can still shoot with a monochrome mode but it isn't a native monochrome camera anymore, with this new camera square there are a few new features in the camera for starters there are now 4 shooting modes aside from 1x 3x and 5x zoom there's now a 0.6 X wide camera to shoot with, this makes things interesting because LG is no longer the only OEM to push the wide-angle camera, thanks to the kirin 980 new dual NPU the mate 20 Pro can analyze video in real time.

The mate 20Pro will ship with Android Pi out of the box which means it'll be running MIUI 9.0, Huawei built-in apps are also seeing updated navigation menus along the bottom of the screen to make them easier to reach.

Huawei has cleaned up the general interface and the Settings panel has been simplified by putting advanced tabs in more categories, so you'll see generally less clutter in the settings.

Huawei can now do two new things wirelessly share files with at PC and print documents, the mate 20 Pro supports wireless display as well so it can now stream a second display while you use the main one to control it.
Huawei GT Watch

There's also the new digital balance app and this is why ways in-house app for monitoring screen usage and setting time limits for apps, the company even announced a new Huawei watch GT it's actually not a wear OS device but it uses Huawei's own light OS and runs its in-house dual chip solution, it switches between a low and high powered ship so the high powered ship is only used when actively performing tasks.

So Huawei has done a lot with the mate series and I'm really excited to get better acquainted with it, I'm stoked to check out its new triple camera with the ultra wide-angle lens and I'm also very curious to see how much battery life we can get out of this phone when it's 4200 power battery and props to Huawei for making a 40 watt super charger for it, I'm also excited to check out the Huawei watch GT so where OS has taken a backseat in the past couple of years and only now as Google started to ramp up its development, but Huawei has decided that the best way to push forward is to come up with its own operating system and its own chipset platform for the Huawei watch.

Wearables are definitely making a comeback, so please let us know what you think of the Huawei mate 20 pro and the watch GT in the comments below.

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