Nokia 8 Sirocco hands-on review

We are seeing a lot of exciting new tech at this year's MWC including Nokia's flagship phone, the Nokia 8 Sirocco.
Nokia 8 Sirocco 

Don't get it confused with last year's Nokia 8, it's not a premium version of the original but an entirely new phone. The Sirocco is made of curved gorilla glass on the front and back, it tapers in at the edges giving it a sleek razor thin look, the downside is that it's not as comfortable to hold as a phone with rounded edges.

One major changes the use of stainless steel for the frame it's supposedly 2.5 times stronger than an aluminum frame adding to the already legendary Nokia sturdiness.

The build has IP67 dust and water resistance better than the Nokia 8 IP54. The fingerprint reader has moved from the front of the phone to the back, it seems a lot more convenient and easy to reach. Following the latest trends there is no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack this year you'll have to plug in to the USB-C port, the display has seen some big changes from last year it still brings a standard 16 by 9 aspect ratio, but is bigger at 5.5 inches and Nokia has switched from an IPS LCD panel to P-OLED.
Nokia 8 Sirocco Back View

The Nokia 8 Sirocco has a snapdragon 835 chipset with 6 gigs of ram, even though it's not a next-gen processor it still gives you that flagship quality speed. As a part of Android 1 the Sirocco runs stock Android 8 Oreo, this means there aren't many proprietary features software wise, but the phone should receive all the latest updates quite quickly.

Battery life should be pretty good on the Sirocco it spots an even bigger battery pack than the Nokia 8 which earn a respectable endurance rating in our tests.

Nokia has gone with a new Zeiss branded dual camera setup this year instead of a color and black and white combo now there is a wide-angle and telephoto camera, the wide-angle cam is 12 megapixels and daylight photos look really good, the telephoto camera is 12 megapixels too it allows for two times lossless zoom and shots look nice and good light. The two cameras together provide for a bouquet effect with a blurred background behind your subject, but sadly the selfie camera appears to be a downgrade from the Nokia 8 it's now 5 megapixels with fixed focus and it's not capable of 4k video, it does have a wide 84 degree field of view though so you can fit more into your shot.

Both days are back you can simultaneously record or stream video from the front and the rear camera at the same time in split-screen, again though the quality suffers from heavy compression and framing is difficult. The camera can record 4k video but the best part about it is 360 degrees spatial audio recording.

The Nokia 8 Sirocco brings a lot of new improvements over the Nokia 8, we should be releasing an April for around 750 Euros will it be worth it stay tuned for a full review.

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