iPhone SE 2 - WWDC 2018 Predictions!

Today we are talking WWDC 2018, which is slated for June 4th. I'll actually be there, so for official coverage, and hopefully if they announce something cool a hands-on, definitely stay peeled to the channel. But today, we are talking what to expect and also going to combine that with a little bit of a wish list of things that maybe aren't so concrete but I am definitely hoping for.

So, number one, WWDC stands for World Wide Developers Conference, so we know typically with these, they're centered around software, so iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, we can all expect updates there, but with those, the number one thing that I'm hoping that comes out of this is an improvement to Siri because right now, Siri's not looking too hot.
WWDC 2018

Now, in the midst of all this, especially with Google making huge improvements to Google Assistant, making Siri look more and more inferior by the day, one thing that I forgot about is earlier this year, Apple actually grabbed Google's former Chief of Artificial Intelligence, which is a huge move so I'm hoping Apple's been keeping it quiet, on the DL. - Pfft, no doubt. - Making some tweaks and improvements to Siri that we will hopefully see debut at WWDC. Honestly, it would be a total waste if Apple made that kind of move with that kind of intelligence with that kind of power and not utilize it for Siri because as bad as Siri is, it's honestly what has made HomePod so unpopular.

There have been rumors of a smaller HomePod coming out later this year. I wouldn't expect that at WWDC because, honestly, none of that matters unless they fix Siri first. So hopefully with that giant move, with the Chief of AI from Google, Apple makes those moves and improves Siri because it is desperately needed.

Next up on number two are new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Yes, please. Now, what's cool is we should finally see some sort of uniformity as far as MacBook Airs and 12-inch MacBooks go. The MacBook Air currently, it's a little bit of a weird product. So it is desperate need of an update, but what I am most excited for are the MacBook Pros. I wrote an article earlier this year talking about what to expect but the gist of that, or maybe the highlight from there is that we're going to finally see quad core. 13-inch MacBook Pros, then it gets better. Six-core 15-inch MacBook Pros, which sounds amazing. Now that video was primarily focused on hardware and what's going to be inside these upcoming MacBook Pros, but as far as design goes, I wouldn't expect a drastic overhaul, but that one thing that I'm hoping for is a refresh or actually a slim down of those bezels, drop a like if you agree, because to me, the MacBook Pro is starting to look a little bit dated.

Here are a few renders of what the MacBook Pro could potentially look like with those smaller bezels. And, yes, Apple, please do this. Other than that, the only other thing I could hope or wish for with these new MacBook Pros that I don't think is going to happen is the return of the SD card slot. I've embraced USB-C with cables, with SSDs, but I always find myself needing an SD card slot. That is the one thing that I have to still go reach for a dongle for. And if I forget that, it is a giant pain in the butt. So again, Apple, please bring that SD card slot back.

Next up for number three is the iPhone SE 2, and I wouldn't bank on it happening for sure at WWDC, but I think there's a really good chance that we see it there. There's been some speculation and some rumors of a completely redesigned iPhone X-like SE 2 with a redesigned screen, with a notch. Honestly, I don't think that's going to happen I would expect more of a similar design in terms of the body, the screen. Where we see the big changes, though, are going to be in the internals. Inside, we should expect to see Apple's A10 processor, two gigabytes of RAM, and storage capacities up to 128 gigabytes.

Now, the one rumor that's kind of up in the air right now is a glass back which would enable wireless charging. I wouldn't bank on it like the other rumors. But, again, that would make sense with Apple's current lineup. The iPhone 8, the 8+, and the iPhone X all have wireless charging, so it would make sense to have the iPhone SE 2 have that as well. Now I know a ton of you out there are probably thinking why would Apple want to update the iPhone SE? Why would anyone want a phone that small? But there are a ton of people who do like that style, who like that screen size, and don't want to give it up.

Now, the fourth things that I would love to see at WWDC are updates to the iPad Pro. And, yes, we know. Apple's going to make it exponentially a billion times amazingly faster than the previous iPad Pro. But the two things I would love to see are one, face ID that we saw on the iPhone X. I think that would make a lot of sense with the iPad Pro especially with how much you browse and buy things with your iPad Pro. That would be perfect. And then from there, the other thing that I would love to see much like the MacBook Pro wish, are improved or rather slimmed down bezels because that iPad is looking a little bit aged. We are blessed with beautiful renders all over the internet. So if Apple could make this even remotely look a little bit like these that would be amazing.

For me, I've kind of always preferred laptops over tablets. So if I had my choice, I would go MacBook over iPad. But I do appreciate an iPad when you're traveling, on a plane, when you need that longer battery life. When you're consuming media, it's awesome. The one thing is, I never really complained about speed. It's always been super fast. So, again, not super looking forward to speed improvements, although it's welcomed. I am most looking forward to thinner bezels. And, again, I think face ID would make absolute sense with the new iPad Pros.

So, last up on our five is probably the magical unicorn wish on this list that I wouldn't hold my breath for, but would love to see. And that's an update or at least some information on the new Mac Pro. It has been confirmed by Apple that we're not going to see it until 2019. Yes, I realize that, but at the same time, 2019 is a long ways away. So hopefully, Apple creates some hype, they tease it. At least show us what it might look like, some modularity. Hopefully, we'll see an improved display. Again, this is probably the most out-there wish on my list, but again, this is the point of wishlist things you want to see and I would love to see some sort of tease on the new 2019 Mac Pro.

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